!! OMG, She’ll Destroy Her: Jill Zarin vows to take out Kate Gosselin !!

While last night’s Real Housewives of NYC reunion was just the doozy we all expected– I love that Mrs. The Countess couldn’t control her uncountesslike laughter at Kelly’s lunacy!– I’m starting to realize that the real drama happens on the housewives’ blogs after the show’s over. In this case, Alex Van Kempen McCord not only rips Jill Zarin a new one for being a total asshole, but also reveals the off-camera reality television feud that would end all feuds, if we ever actually caught a glimpse of it.
According to Alex:

I remember when we filmed the skating event with Johnny Weir in CT – Kate Gosselin’s bodyguard wouldn’t let Jill into the bathroom until Kate came out, making her wait. A seething Jill came back and whispered the story in my ear, finishing with “I’m gonna ruin her.” Because she had to hold it for a few minutes?

Hey, here’s an idea! Maybe Jill Zarin can ruin Kate Gosselin, Kate can ruin Jill right back, and they’ll both be ruined off our teevee sets forever! Life should be so elegant…
(My friends.)
[Bravo Blog]

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4 Comments on "OMG, She’ll Destroy Her: Jill Zarin vows to take out Kate Gosselin"

  1. haaa go jill… she is just the person to rip kate a new one.
    kate gosselin sucks balls… she needs to disappear from TV forever.
    no personality + uptight bitch = no room for her.

  2. Little bit of faux fame went to Jill’s head and she turned into this power hungry, mean, vindictive person. Watching the reunion show, it’s obvious she’s out for Alex. Quite funny to watch her say how she has apologized and “changed,” but then in the next segment trashes Alex in a nasty voice and menacing face.

  3. Of the three women you just mentioned, Alex McCord is the only one who needs taken out. She’s acted like Jill was an ax-murderer all season because of two rather tame “mean” things Jill said – but is best friends with Bethenny and Ramona who have dozens of times said much much meaner things. What’s up with that? And now she’s the one speading the gossip about shit. She’s a fugly hypocrite.
    And as for Kate, hey, she’s working hard and doing everything she has to in order to support a family of nine – and she’s taken the high road through the whole scandal that was 100% created by her fatso mongoloid husband who can’t keep his little 2″ penis in his pants.

  4. I really detest Jill this season, but I dislike Kate even more — so I am totally OK with this — though I doubt Kate has any real power in retaliation… Except by playing victim once again, I suppose.

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