!! OMG, he’s confused: James Franco !!

Writer/actor/total f*cking dreamboat James Franco is adding another cranberry to his already overflowing cornucopia of talents! Now he’s an artist with a real live art opening! And it’s not a bunch of still lifes and landscapes either– the dimpled beauty tells reporters that his show, titled The Dangerous Book for Boys and curated by one Amanda Heiss at the Clocktower Gallery in Manhattan, is all about male sexual confusion:

“The Dangerous Book Four Boys” addresses boyhood and the “sexual confusion” of adolescence, as Ms. Heiss put it. Short films focus on demolition, showing burning or bullet-riddled structures like a plastic toy home or a large wooden rocket (the exhibition contains originals or replicas of these). Another work explores a romantic encounter between “Star Trek” characters Spock and James T. Kirk.

“I feel like shows or films that deal with kids, they’re playing to all of these sexual feelings that you have at that age, but they don’t fully admit to it,” [Franco] said. “So I kind of try to draw that out. The implicit in those shows and books, I try to make it a little more explicit.”

Confused about your sexuality, James? Not to worry– I think I could clear up a few things for you! I even have a pair of Spock ears I can slap on. If that’s what it takes!
[WSJ via Towleroad]

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  1. James Franco really is a total babe. He oozes sensuality and knows it. He is cuter than a “Excuse me, your stepping on my penis” button. He has a great ass too. We all hope some day he will show us what is under his jockstrap. Please!
    As for K/S, I’ve never sensed any sexual undertones between them. In fact, it is illogical. Spock doesn’t have a sexual organ, but that’s just a rumor.
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    Cum. Cum see what it is all about. May 18 is the date to check out. See you there?
    Now beam me up, Scotty. Mike of Nkdgyz

  2. Oh. That’s a really long response. I guess I should thank you for responding and not just deleting my comment. Your response does serve 2 purposes, though, so maybe you should thank me. You got to put me in my place, and you got to let everyone reading it know the rules.
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    Never underestimate free advertising.
    Not sure if we can offer you any relevant tips for your blog. You might learn of a few cool very public events that have copious amounts of male nudity, like all the naked folks who rode bikes through the streets of NYC last weekend. Not sure if any of them are famous.
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  3. Tom Lawrence | June 18, 2010 at 9:40 pm | Reply

    There really is nothing new under the sun. There has been a sub-genre of fanzine called “K/S” for years. All the stories are about the love affair between Kirk and Spock. Some stories are just about their love, some are more explicit about what they do. Most of the stories seem to be written by straight women.

  4. Look, a couple of things. First of all, everyone who emails us gets a form response. I get a lovely form response when I email Frank. It doesn’t mean we don’t read everything that’s not obviously spam. We do. (Although I use an admittedly loose definition of the term “spam.”) The form e-mail is just letting you know that we got your email and it didn’t get caught in some filter.
    Second, I would say that about half of the emails we get to the [email protected] address are requests to be on the blogroll. I don’t even know how the blogroll works, because Frank handles that, but I know from when I used to have my own blog that adding links to a blogroll can be a pain in the ass. We do try to be supportive of other blogs and the internet community in general by being as conscientious as possible about spreading the link-love. But adding everyone to blogroll or even responding personally to everyone who asks would take a ton of time. Blogrolls also feel very 2003 to me. Does anyone ever even click on them?
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    Being obnoxious, clogging the inbox with mass-mailed ALL CAPS p.r. crap that I don’t care about and/or spamming the comments section (which some have been known to do) is a good way to NOT get linked.

  5. James Franco is so hot, but that’s not why I’m writing. I’d so so him, but that is not why I’m writing either.
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