!! OMG, She’s Back: Carrie Prejean! !!

Deluded Miss USA loser Carrie Prejean just will not go away, will she? Well, I guess I wouldn’t either if I were her: although she lost the pageant, she’s managed to carve out a lucrative business as a career homophobe! And not to worry about the little issue of that pageant crown: Carrie knows that the lord has a much bigger crown waiting for her in heaven!

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8 Comments on "OMG, She’s Back: Carrie Prejean!"

  1. “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”–a big magic castle where LOSERS in beauty pageants AND LIFE, can hide.
    If this Bimbo, along with her fellow “Christians” [“We always have time to pray, tithe, and HATE”] is headed for fairyland [heaven], I’m double checking to make certain my reservations for hell are guaranteed. Obviously hell is where the thinkers, artists, good-deed doers, and wonderful ‘mos will be. I’m gettin’ on the “Love Train”, bound straight for the Lake of Fire [isn’t that one of the National Parks?].

  2. john in providence | September 21, 2009 at 7:10 pm | Reply

    me me me me. its all about me. i’m sure glad christianity is all about me me me me ….

  3. if jesus really does exist, i imagine him doing a facepalm somewhere in heaven

  4. Carrie you would not have won Miss Universe.
    even without the gay comment you would have not won miss USA cause they paid for your implants
    stop being a bitch and go become a porn star already

  5. Here is a direct quote from that mad deluded excuse for a woman………..”I am disgusted at the way some people can be so intolerant; It disgusts me”
    Well let me tell you lovely, us gays feel the same way about you NASTY homophobes. The irony of the situation is totally lost on this bible loving bimbo.
    The sooner everyone realises that there isn’t such a thing as an all powerful God, the better this world will be. If there was an all powerful God, why did 9/11 happen? Why did he save some people and not others? We know it’s not about sin, because there were some godawful sinners who were saved – bless ’em.
    Religion makes me SOOOOOO angry. I’m not a violent man, but the sort of “innocent” speech that she’s making is incredibly aggressive and divisive and makes me boil over.
    I have to stop now, or you’ll have me frothing at the mouth. Stupid, blonde haired tart!

  6. i hope she was talking about herself when she brought up people being intolerant because others are just being intolerant of her intolerance.

  7. Sorry Carrie, You failed the Pastor Fred Phelps test… You’re going straight to hell and his granddaughter is giggling with joy that it isn’t her.

  8. Not sure I would call what’s waiting for her a “crown,” dunce cap for sure.

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