!! OMG, She’s Offended: Carrie Prejean !!

I can truly NOT get enough of vapid, hypocrite Carrie “Even My Plastic Boobs Are Christian” Prejean, America’s #1 exiled beauty queen and crusader against Opposite Marriage. She’s quickly replacing Ann Coulter (where has Ann been lately, anyway?) as the right-wing homophobic witch I find most haggy and amazing. With her haughty obliviousness, plasticene smile and popsicle-with-tits figure, one can only imagine what a hit she would be at The Cock on a Saturday night!
Another thing that I love is America’s gassy grandpa Larry King. Where else but on Larry King Live can you watch a completely senile person stumble and fart his way through a national television appearance, night after night after night? It’s often boring, yes, but always, always in a mesmerizing way.
So imagine my delight at this video in which Carrie meets Larry– and threatens to walk off the set because of his “inappropriate” behavior. Carrie baby: if you don’t cut this fabulous and queeny behavior out, you’re gonna find yourself judging drag balls and grand-marshaling the gay pride parade before you know it! It’s a fact, hon!
(Via Videogum)

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3 Comments on "OMG, She’s Offended: Carrie Prejean"

  1. What a dumb ass Bimbo.

  2. HAAAAhahaha! Oh, this bitch is hilarious. Dumb like a box of rocks, I love it!! She needs to stick around, do stand up or something.

  3. I think you meant to write the fight FOR Opposite Marriage. Hilarious commentary. This is her best media appearance yet! What a crusader of free speech–she cuts off her interviewers and threatens to leave after one simple question!

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