!! OMG, she’s offended: Rosie O’Donnell !!

Last week during his guest spot on Live with Regis and Kelly, notoriously not-not-gay singer Clay Aiken put his hand over Kelly Ripa‘s mouth and she didn’t like it.
This week on The View, Rosie O’Donnell says Kelly was being homophobic by acting repulsed at having Clay’s clammy palm near her face. In Kelly’s words, “I don’t know where that hand’s been, honey.”
As happy as I would be to find fault with perky Kelly, I think it was reasonable of her not to want her lips to touch a hand that may have been up some strange man’s anus only hours before. For her part, Kelly was outraged at Rosie’s accusation and decided to call in to The View to confront her. Watch the awkwardness if you can handle it:

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11 Comments on "OMG, she’s offended: Rosie O’Donnell"

  1. Here’s what I wrote to Barbara Walters. I hate Rosie.
    Dear Barbara,
    I had just recently came back from vacation in china and when I had gotten home I was so sad to hear that Rosie from the View had made a racist comment about the Chinese language. I’m sorry to write to you and not Rosie but I just couldn’t find the link to her e-mail. I know it’s probably old news to you by now, but I just feel like I need to address the fact that she does not have to right to say “ching chong, ching chong” about chinese people. I know damn well that if she were to speak about african americans, there would be a nation riot. She does not have the right to criticize chinese people when Lisa Ling use to be on your show. And I heard that when Rosie attempted to apologize, she stated that she might just do it again. I think she should apologize again on your show and this time mean it and not leave some silly blog on her website with an unsincere apology. Donald Trump has every right to call her a fat slob, pig, idiot or whatever. Donald Trump is a very intelligent man. But getting back to her insult of chinese people, she should not ever say anything in that measure again. When she speaks, she acts as if she doesn’t have an education and I doubt that it’s even because she’s a comedian. I think she tries too hard for the audience and embarrasses caucasion people. She has unnessessary roughness and she doesn’t give anyone else a chance to talk. Rosie gives The View a bad rap and having her on the show is like a sophisticated Jerry Springer Show, because people only watch to see who else Rosie O’Donell will criticize next for the next round of insults towards her on CNN, Larry King Live, or on the Morning Show with Merideth Viera. She spits while she talks and probably stinks too while you sit next to that fat sloppy slob. She has no sense of fashion for a person who is lucky to make as much money as she does. She gives very one-sided views and is mostly incorrect about the facts that she gives and the rest of the crew of The View doesn’t even make an attempt to even correct her. Her niceness only comes from the fact that she’s made fun of because of her weight. She speaks like a worthless drunk that just gets sober in the morning in time for her appearance on The View. Watching her makes me depressed, because she seems like she is lonely and friendless. Like Donald Trump says, she lucky to have her girlfriend but thats all she probably has. It’s funny how Rosie was so obsessed with Tom Cruise on her own syndicated talk show and then all of a sudden she comes out and says she’s gay. Maybe it’s because no person of the male gender (no matter how ugly he may be) would even give this poor lowlife fat looser a chance at love or even a drunken one night stand. I am very disappointed with the show. I enjoyed watching it much better when Rosie was not on the show. People only laugh at Rosie because she’s fat and they feel bad for her cause she seems hurt inside and lets it out by being a horrid comedian. If having Rosie on the show is the only way you can recieve ratings, I’m very disapointed with this show. I don’t think I will be watching anymore along with some others that I know. I know now that your show is prejudice against people who try to help other people (i.e. Donald Trump), chinese people, and black people (i.e. Star Jones)…oh yeah…all except for fat people and gay people. Is this what you, Barbara Walters, accomplished to be?
    P.S. Rosie should see this. She probably won’t even understand.

  2. OMG, how alluring: Kelly Ripa

    Watch out! You don’t want to be in the way of perky morning hostess Kelly Ripa when she decides it’s time to get sexy. The face she’s making in the above picture is only scratching the surface of what she’s capable of. It almost makes you want to slap…

  3. Although Aiken’s behaviour was unctuous, Rippa’s “I don’t know where that hand’s been” comment, though not homophobic (a misnomer meaning prejudice, not fear)in and of itself, it can be “homophobic” when said to a homo. But, whether the remark was homophobic or not, it was Rippa’s shrill account the next day to Regis that was telling. Can you imagine Rippa castigating, e.g., a black man the same way? If she had would anyone think maybe that she might be prejudiced against blacks? It seems perfectly reasonable that O’Donnell reacted the way she did, and her saying so was in the context of her show, which is, after all, The View. Hello!

  4. Frankly, everybody is forgetting WHY Clay put his hand over Kelly’s mouth in the first place. Kelly Ripa is quite untalented! She was busy with blabbing a mile a minute with Mr. Till and refused to let Clay get a word in edgewise. So Kelly can’t even manage an interview? Isn’t that her job?! It’s like an Accountant that can’t add. If she would have just shut up, Clay wouldn’t have touched her. That being said, I have no idea what possessed Clay to think that touching Kelly would be ok. Maybe in his upbringing, people touch each other on the mouth.

  5. OMG, I just became a Kelly Ripa fan. Wow, I never thought I’d say that.

  6. I’m on Kelly’s side: Any man trying to cover a woman’s mouth like that while she’s talking should be told where to go. It’s condescending and sexist. He might as well’ve patted her on the head. Just because he’s a homo doesn’t mean he’s incapable of misogyny. A cute straight guy would at least be more aware of the reaction. This just shows how truly clueless Clay is when it comes to women. If there’s any discussion to be had, it’s how gay men can be just as misogynist as straight men — if not more so.

  7. Get over yourself Rosie…every little thing doesn’t have to have a Gay twist to it! My question is if you are so “proud” of who you are why the hell did it take you so long to come out? Get off the cross honey, we need the wood!

  8. TV cameras make people do weird things. I think Kelly was being totally fair and love that she called in to The View to defend herself. But it is “The View” and Rosie does say what she thinks which is what makes it interesting. I think Clay looks like a dweeb in this whole thing.

  9. Everyone uses, “I don’t know where that hand’s been” So I don’t know what’s so homophobic about that comment.
    If kelly said it to a straight, cute, guy there wouldn’t be such a reaction.

  10. I totally agree w/Rosie.
    It was a homophobic knee jerk reaction & now Kelly is tripping all over herself trying to make it about flu season. And that dumb black bitch is doing the same.
    I assure you that if that was a straight guy she would NOT have reacted that way.

  11. Watching this clip, I felt sucked into some sort of weird daytime television vacuum. It was like the universe had folded in on itself.

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