!! OMG, should we be scared? The Protect IP Act !!

This might be one of this situations where — instead of saying to ourselves “Oh, this sounds important-ish. I hope someone does something about it” — we might have to be the someone doing the something. If this video has you convinced, then, hey, actually write to Congress.

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4 Comments on "OMG, should we be scared? The Protect IP Act"

  1. I couldn’t agree with Fazz more. The people of the United States are being turned into faceless numbers that corporations see as resources they can use and dominate instead of as human beings. They do everything in their power to make money no matter the consequence.
    Thankfully companies such as Google, eBay, Facebook, Yahoo, and a couple of others have joined together and told Washington that they are against this new law. Everyone needs to remember that when the Chinese do this we rail against them and call it dictator sponsored censorship. so how is it any different here if we allow them to start doing it to us?

  2. Mark, I understand your problem. But this law won’t make it better for you. It will make it worse, unless you run one of the major media conglomerates. They will become their own police force on the internet, and they won’t use their power just go after the pirates. The Internet will become nothing but a shopping channel, and a tool of corporate-funded propaganda. When Google is opposed to a law like this, you have to stop and wonder.

  3. How there hasn’t been an uprising on the same level as 1917 Russia, in the US, against your corporate overlords, will never stop baffling me.
    Every facet of your lives is controlled by the Corporations. The very foundations of your liberties are being eroded day by day, and yet nothing. Even your news media; the people responsible for disseminating facts to the public is biased on the side of the Corporations that fund them.
    People of the US, don’t let them take your rights away, fight back for God’s sake!

  4. Don’t see why people are turning this into doomsday. As someone who is in a creative profession, I’m horrified when I see my hard work blatantly copied by someone on the Internet so they can make a quick buck off of my work without doing anything – or they simply share it for free so all of my work was in vain and I can’t afford to create anymore.

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