!! OMG, Snoop around: behind the scenes of Robyn & Snoop’s “You Should Know Better” !!

From Robyn’s 2010 record Body Talk Pt. 2, we finally get to see the video for her “unpredictable duet” with Snoop [then Dogg, now Lion] “You Should Know Better” featuring Simone, the African green house Queen Solomon as “the bohemian lady” [after the jump].

“What would have happened with Snoop if he had been a She / what would happen with Robyn if she had been a little Him?”

In the above behind-the-scenery video you can KNOW BETTER about She-Snoop’s “hella funny lanky body language”, have tea and “bickies” with Mini-Robyn’s family and find out more of how the video ties in to Robyn-choreographer/stylist/director Decida’s ongoing 2Faced1 project:

“A 2faced1 is a person who sees power structures. They can see themselves from an outside perspective and know what type of biases are connected to classifications such as gender, colors, sexuality and class, but they don’t define themselves through these. 2faced1s have a double view on identity, they know identity is dependent on context and therefore is fluid.”

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