!! OMG, super gay TV moment: Ellen and Anderson !!

Something about Ellen Degeneres always disarms her guests, and Anderson Cooper was no exception, even via satellite. She prods him into totally queening out over The Real Housewives of Atlanta. He actually says “Oh, honey!” and then, “I don’t even know where to begin with NeNe. You sort of have to watch it to really enjoy the fullness of NeNe.” (via Candy Kirby)
If you don’t yet appreciate the Housewives, check out the video after the jump of aspiring country singer Kim (who has never actually sung before) trying to record a song in the studio with Dallas Austin.

(via Dlisted)

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5 Comments on "OMG, super gay TV moment: Ellen and Anderson"

  1. “abreast”, indeed. and then the “fullness” gag. Goodness.

  2. haha, he fingered ellens box.

  3. Anderson Cooper wil always be mny fave gay man crush.

  4. I LOVE Anderson. His giggle, which you can hear in this segment, is so cute.

  5. How funny – it’s nice to see Anderson cute loose a little. You can always see his sense of humor just under the surface on CNN, but he’s so adorable when he’s having fun!

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