!! OMG, Surprise: Unsuspecting lady gets candy with a penis !!

An unsuspecting British lady just thought she was eating some normal “Jelly Babies” which I assume is what they call some kind of baby-shaped candy treat in England. Imagine her surprise when she reached into her candy sack and pulled out a “baby” shaped like a full-grown man clutching his jelly-penis! Blimey!
Reports The Sun:

Lyz Parker, 23, found him in a bag of Candy King she got at Tesco Home Plus in Staines, Middlesex.

She said: “When I opened the bag I screamed so loudly the whole office came running over. I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

Lyz, from Camberley, Surrey, called Candy King but at first they thought it was a prank call. The firm is now investigating, and said yesterday: “Clearly this is not part of Candy King’s assortment.”

Tesco added: “We expect better behaviour from our jelly sweets. We’ll raise it with the supplier.”

[The Sun]

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  1. I think anyone coming from Belgium and reading this will be laughing its ass of, because this “shocking” piece of licorice is just simply a replica of a statue that is very famous over there. It’s called “menneke pis” which means ” little man wheeing” it’s actualy a little fountain and you can guess where the water comes out…… hahaha

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