!! OMG, Take It Off: Boys strip for Ke$ha !!

I may not understand this Ke$ha person at all, but if there’s one thing I do understand it’s boys dancing in their underpants. A bunch of totally str8-acting (uh…) fratboys musclejocks recently got it in their heads to strip down to their 2Xists and make a music video for Ke$ha’s TAKE IT OFF. Yes please! And don’t make fun of them, otherwise they might not want to do it again…
[Via Queerty]

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10 Comments on "OMG, Take It Off: Boys strip for Ke$ha"

  1. The guy in the Celtics shirt makes my heart go BOOM! This is cute (the first half, at least), but the song is DOG.

  2. str8 acting? they’re all in a gay football league
    there was another video they made for ellen (ya know the giant lesbian)

  3. Hey, gay boys are just having fun and why not?

  4. @surph
    Hahahah I love it… manhunt!

  5. Yep, they are gay

  6. I was joking about the straight-acting thing! these boys are clearly about as straight as lady gaga’s bachelor uncle…

  7. uhhh . . . str8? did ya’ happen to notice the website on the computer in the last shot?

  8. That was the gayest thing EVER! (and I liked it)

  9. Why would anyone think these guys are straight?

  10. Boys of Boston is an all-gay rugby team…. so really not that straight acting….

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