!! OMG, that’s really gourd: Li Hongbo’s Paper Gourds !!

I think from the ages of 2 to 6, once a year we were made to make 2-dimensional bird shapes with concertina wings and tail which we would then [over] accessories with plastic sequins and piles of colour glitter to be hung in a sort of GAUDY HITCHCOCKIAN CHERNOBYL-ESQUE FLOCK in the corner of the classroom.
Well Beijing-based designer Li Hongbo obviously couldn’t get over this shit and just kept making them, loads of them, until he got bored or birds and COCKTAIL PINEAPPLE ACCESSORIES and started making skulls and life-sized child bodies and such the like.
Jump in to see more examples of his work, and a video of the artist manipulating his statuesque works, from his recent exhibition at Sydney’s Dominik Mersch Gallery.

[via thisiscolossal]

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