!! OMG, Does my ass look Buffy in this?: BtVS style-guide !!

I was watching Buffy the other night with my good friend Mrs Cobbles; Season 4 Episode 18, where at one point Willow asks Buffy if she still loves her despite having spilled ‘something purple’ on her peasant blouse
…PEASANT BLOUSE?! Geez, that’s some unknown level of fashion frump.
This said, my flavourite Buffy outfit ever was her yummy sushi pyjamas in the episode where the Scooby Gang were hiding out in Gile’s basement.
There have been many Buffashion Faux Pas’ throughout all seven seasons, not to mention Willow’s Fashion Willaux-pas, which often include some sort of HAND-STITCHED PATCHWORK KANCKLE-LENGTH SKIRT and a DUMPY FELTED CABBAGE-HAT…oh and a variety of CHOKER-SHOCKERS throughout the years…so many chokers for Willow I’m surprised her head didn’t just pop right off of her velveteen shoulders at some stage in season 5!
Well collegefashion.net have compiled a style how-to for Buffy, Willow, Xander and Giles [girls versions], Tara and Anya.
Choose you style-Scoob..don’t you dare wear the peasant blouse though or Joan Rivers will hunt you down and steak you in the heart!

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2 Comments on "OMG, Does my ass look Buffy in this?: BtVS style-guide"

  1. Excellent guide for buffy. I never found any interesting article like yours.

  2. omg so many buffy fashion faux pas it’s great, I think my favorite was when Buffy was wearing the oversized jean overalls in the career day episode. I was right there with you on the yummy sushi pajamas 😀

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