!! OMG, the Kylie Minogue ‘Aphrodite’ winners !!

Last week we challenged you to come up with an ice cream flavor inspired by a Kylie Minogue Song.
Well the results are in, and I would love to visit the ice cream parlor that serves such F’d-up flavors as “Crumb Into My Bowl” and “Can’t Get You Off of My Thighs.”
We chose six winners for this contest, each of whom will receive a copy of Kylie’s latest album “Aphrodite.”
Here is the complete list of winning entries:
Get Outta my Milky Way
Crumb Into My Bowl (note from the contestant: This is a delicious flavor where marshmallows, oreo cookies turned dust and little kisses mixup together with creamy old fashion vanilla. Bits and bites.)
Ice Cream Be So Chunky
Can’t Get You Off Of My Thighs
Our personal favorite:
Batter the Devil You Dough (cake batter with a cookie dough swirl)
And finally this would obviously be Kylie’s flavor of choice:
Got to Be Vanilla
Congratulations to our winners! You now have some essential summer listening for these last few days of summer.
xo Frank

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