!! OMG, The Next Best Thing: The “Levi Johnston” Porno !!

There’s a silver lining to every moose turd! The Palins and their extended clan of horny and fertile Alaskans may be ruining America, but they’ve certainly proved to be an endless source of JO material for Democrats and Republo’s alike! Although erstwhile babbydaddy Levi Johnston’s recent Playgirl pictures might have disappointed those hoping for a glimpse of his Great Northern Palin-maker, Gawker is reporting that Jet Set is set to start shooting a highly peeny gay porn based on the life of Mr. Johnston on this very weekend! The movie will naturally be titled Getting Levi’s Johnson.
Set to star in the future cinematic classic is a hunky and (presumably) endowed Levi-lookalike known only as Casey, pictured above. The resemblance is… resemblancey!


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1 Comment on "OMG, The Next Best Thing: The “Levi Johnston” Porno"

  1. Huh. He does look a lot like him. UNF.

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