!! OMG, Breaking: Gay Marriage Coming to NY? !!

Hey, it’s happening: same-sex marriage is being debated on the floor of the New York State Senate as we speak. I’m told it has a very good chance of passing, which would make New York one of just a few ( states to have passed gay marriage through the legislature. Yay! You can watch the deliberation here, at the bottom of the page. Also, GUESS WHAT? Meredith “Don’t Call Me Baxter-Birney” Baxter is a lesbian now!
UPDATE: Watch the above clip of New York’s absolute sexiest lawmaker, hot legislative daddy Senator Eric T. Schneiderman, speaking movingly today in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage. Senator Schneiderman, how about marrying me?

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  1. I hope New York will pass Gay Marriage, New York is the birth place of Gay Rights.

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