!! OMG, The time is now: ManRoulette !!

Everyone I know said the exact same thing after trying out Chatroulette for the first time. “Where’s the version with just dudes?”
Well boys: get your D’s out, hide your faces, and hope your weird uncle still hasn’t figured out how to use the internet. It’s here!

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8 Comments on "OMG, The time is now: ManRoulette"

  1. don’t waste your time. i’m a good-looking guy, 23, 6’1″, 165, toned, and i’ve gotten a few modeling offers, but i couldn’t keep someone’s attention more than a minute before they nexted me. maybe it’s because my dick isn’t big. I’ve def got a run-of-the-mill six incher. any big dicked guys have luck? i want to figure out if manroulette works for anyone.

  2. Would it not be better if you went on there and had the option to tick boxes that are your type and then match you with the same people, Coz otherwise you can spend hours looking for the type you like, And when you do find him no doubt he clicks next!!!!!!!

  3. Blow my load all the time on there!

  4. No thank you. I’d like to keep my self-esteem and dignity intact…

  5. OK, 100% men, 70% cocks, 10% black screens, 20% should be black screens and still next, next, next after 3 seconds.

  6. with manroulette, it sucks even more because you know the guys ARE attracted to other men and they STILL next you without any remorse. it is disheartening because it manages to blend the gay community’s thirst for hard cock together with our superficial need for instantaneous good looks. for anyone who has not checked out the site, it is almost identical in nature except with less people. there are fakes of course and even girls have managed to weasel their way onto the site. i guess i am so miffed because even old, unattractive guys have appeared to grown balls with this site. with chat roulette, the old guys would at least gaze at me with wonderment whereas the old queens on manroulette have the audacity to think they are above even chatting with me. *sigh* at least with chat roulette, you got turned down by hotter straight guys/girls who actually were not attracted to you.

  7. knowbodynose | March 30, 2010 at 9:59 pm | Reply

    holy crap, thats hot!
    can definitely see myself wasting a lot of time on that site


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