!! OMG, they are naked in the corridor: the Lads de la Jazz Dramedy !!

From 2004’s Jazz Dramedy ‘La première fois que j’ai eu 20 ans’, or if -like me- you barely even speak FRANGLAIS it translates as ‘The First Time I Turned Twenty’.
The boys get their brass instruments out, and we have a ‘Tom Tom Club’-style big band introduction:
Adrien Jolivet,
Raphaël Personnaz,
Romain Vissol,

& the other one with his dongle out – “bm-mmmmmph!” [brassy fanfare sounds aplenty]
Click below to see the the lads’ NSFW cute et bushy instruments hanging out

Click on the photos to see the bushes bigger:
[via TSCOTP]

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4 Comments on "OMG, they are naked in the corridor: the Lads de la Jazz Dramedy"

  1. So nice to see good looking guys with normal dicks online.

  2. Mmm french boys, uncut/cut doesn’t matter I’m sure they know how to use and clean it. Uncut seems to be the way they world is going. Why cut off part of your body when there is more medical advantages so leaving it on now days. I’d do all of them. 😉

  3. Looks like they are all uncut and remember, if they are French, Europens rarely cut their sons (so much more enlightened than the Americans).

  4. 2 guys look cut,2 uncut. I like how the cutest,hottest 2 guys are cut tho. How is that I wonder? I’d do them both,now!!! 😉

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