!! OMG, they had it coming: Westboro Baptist Church !!

Finally someone has sued those funeral-picketing psychos at the Westboro Baptist Church and won! A jury just awarded the father of a deceased military veteran $10.9 million in damages after Fred Phelps and company were protesting at his son’s funeral. Of course these assholes have been picketing the funerals of gay people for years without being fined, but better late than never.

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6 Comments on "OMG, they had it coming: Westboro Baptist Church"

  1. While I think this is great and about time, don’t hold your breath to see these homophobes ever pay out a penny. This will be tied up with appeals for years. Phelps will be dead and, hopefully, rotting in hell before and if money ever changes hands.

  2. Hopefully, after the lawsuit their church will collapse from financial woes, they’ll become methheads and the community will rot from within.

  3. I would love to meet one of these motherfuckers, I’d beat the shit out of them

  4. It’s about time too. I first heard of them a few months ago, when I learned of the horrific murder of Matthew Sheppard, and since then I have been seeing these demons everywhere.
    We’ll see how deep their theology goes now that they have had to fork out the dough for their heinous actions.
    That church should burn forever

  5. it is just disgusting that people teach HATE to young children

  6. I think that is disgusting that they picket funerals like that.
    This is a really great movement not just for Gays, but for any group condemned by narrow minded people who hide behind “religious groups”. It’s time for people to start realizing you can be religious, but you can’t force it down others peoples throat. And this is just an example of how religion has nothing to do with it, it’s just hateful people. It’s hate crime.

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