!! OMG, they match: Anderson Cooper +1 !!

Anderson Cooper and the man sharing his romantic, rose-petal-laden $3200-per-night hotel room Antoine “Ben” Maisani were spotted walking together in Jaipur, India wearing matching Fred Perry polo shirts. Maisani owns popular East Village gay bar Eastern Bloc, where I’m sure Anderson has never been before. (Thanks to Angus for the photo!)

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4 Comments on "OMG, they match: Anderson Cooper +1"

  1. That photo is not from India, its from a few weeks back in New York. Now I feel like a creep.

  2. Really, how much longer can he go without the big announcement. The longer he holds out, the more stupid he’s going to look when the big declaration comes (eh Ricky Martin?).

  3. So cute – they make a great couple!

  4. OMG! I love Eastern Bloc, and I totally know who that owner is. He loves tending bar while scantily clad.

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