!! OMG, they’re good for the economy: Gay weddings !!

The Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law just released the results of a new study [download PDF] that shows legalizing gay marriage was the best thing California could have done for its own economy.

Weddings by same-sex couples in California will have a positive impact on the state budget of approximately $64 million over the next three years. Sales and occupancy tax revenues from wedding related expenses by both in-state and out-of-state couples will total over $55.1 million. In addition, same-sex weddings will generate $8.8 million in marriage license fees for California counties.

Talk about economic stimulus (speaking of which, I still haven’t gotten my $600 from President Bush)! It would be hard for even Republicans to argue against the fact that gay weddings will be feeding their own capitalist dreams.

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2 Comments on "OMG, they’re good for the economy: Gay weddings"

  1. this is something i’ve been talking to people about since 2004. it’s getting to be time for business people, who have a lot at stake in this issue (namely $$ to be made) to finally step up to the plate and put a positive spin on this issue.

  2. well duh…
    Ive been to a few gay dinner parties that I am fairly certain cost more than the average Southern-standard “weddin followed by cake and punch down in the fellasheep hall”
    Now that more states are making it legal, Emily Post needs to come up with some proper etiquette for a gay wedding.

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