!! OMG, They’re Offended: The American People !!

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Jeez, I could sure go for some fagatoni right now! Seriously, you have to go to the Smoking Gun and read the American peoples’ official complaints to the FCC re: Adam Lambert. As usual, Joe Public has proven himself to be the stupidest most complainy pig this side of Joe the Plumber. And everyone knows stupid American bigots and cranks = LOL PARTY! I could spend all afternoon reading these!
Thanks to Steve for the tip!

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12 Comments on "OMG, They’re Offended: The American People"

  1. Ok, you know what Americans that can’t accept homosexuality, can “Suck It”, pardon the phrasing, but you know that could be their kid in a year or two, what are they gonna do then when their kid comes out to them? Because of people like that and my family being some of them, I have no choice but to live my closeted life whether I like it or not…

  2. How come more people are not offended that American Idol is still on?

  3. @ Alex
    Dear, dear Alex,
    It’s not about the kiss. Most people are willing to accept homosexuallity until/unless it’s “rammed” (pun intended) down their throat. The kiss is old hat, we’ve seen it at the Tony’s, Oscars, etc. It’s about a guy grabbing another guys head and thrusting it into his crotch and humping his face. It’s about grabbing the genitals of another dancer (not his own), These actions would get the same out-cry if from a female. He thought he’d push the limit and show everybody what it’s all about. And not everybody wants to see what it’s all about. Actions cause reactions. He acted and the public reacted. Even the critics said he was so focused on trying to be outrageous, he did so at the expense of his performance.

  4. Why Bmad… Having just returned from a wonderful weekend with 2 “bed buddies”, I look and see that you can be rather sweet, even though it may be clouded in sarcasam LOL.
    I won’t let it spoil my “freshly fuc&ed” feeling and take take you up on your offer for my comments. It was so generous of you to ask for my continued input. I can assure you I will keep it to a minimum, but will participate with my comments as I feel the need too. I also have some pics to donate as a gesture of goodwill on my part.
    You see, you get much farther with honey, honey, than with vinegar.
    My best wishes to you, as well.

  5. i agree with what #3 had to say about perez.

  6. i used to want to move to america but the more i learn about the states the less i interested i become. sure i’d visit but i can’t live in a country where it’s so common for people to be so uptight and bigoted. and my opinion isn’t based solely on those complaints

  7. These people just need to get over themselves. He’s right in what he has said, if he were a female, there would be no complaints. People need to get with the times and accept the homosexuals are just as much a part of this country as heterosexuals.

  8. Hi David,
    Thanks so much for your feedback! The FCC complaints are from The Smoking Gun. If you missed it in the post, the link is here: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/years/2010/0107101lambert1.html
    Enjoy! We value your comments!
    All best,

  9. One other point if I may, I’m not sure where you got the excerpts from the FCC with the complaints of gay kissing,(though you thank Steve for the tip) but I recall reading a lot of posts all over the internet that most people were more offended at the simulated head job, face-fuc%ing, playing with female genetalia, and just the lack of a good performance due to his supposedly getting caught up in the moment (lame). The kiss was the least of their concerns. I wonder why none of those were used in complaints to the FCC or in excerpts above … or perhaps it’s easier to try to prove a point by just showing the data you want people to see and get fired up about.HMMMmmmm

  10. Bmad… It seems that you are just as vitriolic in a lot of your posts when some state doesn’t vote for gay marriage, share your gay views, etc. That’s one of my complaints since you took over moderation. I find many of your thoughts and comments quite offensive. It may be an attempt at humour, but it doesn’t work a lot of the time. Your remarks above simply show you speak and think with the same tone, anger and hatred as those letters to the FCC. I’ve felt for some time if you want to share your views, politics, anger at heterosexuals, or spout YOUR gay agendas that you should perhaps think of starting a differnt forum for that and spare those of us here who son’t coome here to listen to your views from having to sift through them.
    Now Jason makes his point quite well, without having to resort to name calling in making his point. You lash out in anger and it’s sometimes embarrassing. I’ve lived long enough to at least count to ten and, even then, re-read what I have written before hitting submit. Why sink to other’s level? If you can’t make a point without name-calling and anger than you dont know how to make your argument (or don’t have the facts to support what you say). Just the opinion of a gay man, who believes in the spirit of what you are trying to say, just not HOW you say it.

  11. Yes us Americans are a strange bunch. I’ll agree- I was offended- at the lack of talent, not the boy/boy kisses. I’m a raging mo myself and was honestly bored by the whole thing. But having said that, it’s completely unfair- Madonna can kiss Britney and it’s considered iconic, but boys can’t do the same thing. Talk about double standards!!!!!!!

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