!! OMG, they’re playing gay porn on TV now: At least in Canada !!

Local Canadian outlet CHCH’s News Now broadcast was hacked at 9:30 this morning, sparking a trend on social media after the channel broadcast three minutes of hardcore gay porn on a channel seen in every home, gym, and Starbucks throughout the viewership. News director Mike Katryzc spoke to local paper The Spectator, saying, “It is a terrible thing that it went to air and we are not pleased with it but we are investigating.”
(Thanks, Kevin!)

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11 Comments on "OMG, they’re playing gay porn on TV now: At least in Canada"

  1. Hmmm. Not the first time this happens. I remember watching television in Montreal, Quebec one day back in I believe 1968 and it went from regular programming to a naked couple swimming in a pool. It lasted a couple of minutes before someone in the booth noticed. The guy WAS nicely hung thank goodness.

  2. so let’s think about this 9:30 AM. who saw it besides stay-at-home parents and unemployed people?

  3. Canada actually has way less strict laws than the US.. Back when they were airing, we showed the Sopranos and Sex & the City uncensored on network TV

  4. The comment of “it’s a horrible thing” has nothing to do with the fact it was gay porn, but rather the fact it was porn (and hard core) at 9:30AM.
    And we don’t really show porn all the time on regular TV here (Ontario). When I was in high school, Friday nights you could watch softcore. You could see penetration, so when you’re like 15, it’s pretty awesome.

  5. Well considering that a straight porn prank made national news in 2009, I think that we would. (Of course that was played during the Superbowl.)

  6. “It is a terrible thing…we are not pleased.”
    I don’t get it. What’s not to like? Was it lesbian porn or something?

  7. Another reason to move to Canada 🙂

  8. as far as i know, they’ve been showing porn on canadian TV for decades. my brother went up to ontario to visit the relatives back in the 70s and came home with stories of porn on TV so it’s not anything new.

  9. “terrible thing…not pleased about it”
    i don’t get it, what’s the problem?

  10. Of course if it were straight porn we would be reading about it.. Porn is porn, and it has happened before, and there was a lot of coverage on it.

  11. so if it were straight porn, would we even be reading about this?

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