!! OMG, they’re too easy: Larry Craig jokes !!

I promise I’ll stop one of these days, but they just keep coming in (Thanks to Scott R. for this one).
Sen. Larry Craig’s favorite recipe is called the “Super Tuber,” and consists of a big juicy hot dog shoved through the warm, virgin middle of an Idaho potato. I’m not lying. (Image above is of a pig in the blanket, the closest thing to a “Super Tuber” I could find)
A quote from the Senator:

Super Tuber is a great snack that uses one of my favorite vegetables: The Idaho Potato. Of course, I suppose any type of potato could be used, but I cannot guarantee that a Super Tuber made with anything but a true Idaho potato would taste as good. Sincerely, Larry E. Craig, United States Senator

And of course the recipe:
1 hot dog, cook’s choice
1 Idaho baking potato, 7 to 10 ounces
Mustard for dipping, any style
Other condiments as desired such as cheese sauce, sour cream, chili, chives, bacon pieces or black olives.
Wash and dry potato. Rub with shortening or butter. With an apple corer or small knife, core out the potato center (end to end). Push hot dog through the center. Bake until potato is cooked through.
To Microwave: Place on microwave safe plate; cover loosely (to avoid splatters). Microwave on high about 4 minutes per potato until fork tender.
To Bake in Conventional Oven: Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Bake for approximately one hour or until potato is fork tender.
To Barbecue: Wrap in aluminum foil and place above medium hot coals, turning at least once during cooking. Cook until potato is fork tender.
Serving Suggestions: Allow potato to cool slightly. Eat as a finger food, dipping in your favorite hot dog condiments (mustard is my favorite).

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  1. Actually those jokes are getting old. Lol JK
    One thing that bothered me about this whole thing was what I heard some DJ say (from ProudFM), he was saying how horrible it was that this guy was so anti-gay, but ended up being gay. Well no shit he’s going to be anti-gay. He is so closeted that he thinks giving the slightest right to a gay person automatically outs him. These men in office are so afraid to come out they hate themselves and act on moments of heat (IE a washroom). They probably hate themselves after, but are addicted and find it anonymous and quick.

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