!! OMG, they’ve come to life: Sexy Superheroes !!

The gentleman at The WOW Report have been working overtime lately to find us sexy pictures of imaginary characters, and today’s discovery of DC superhero lads in bulging, painted-on spandex will please any of you who grew up jerking off to comic books. (Don’t look at me, I read them for the stories only!)
I have no f*cking idea who half of these characters are because I’m more of a MARVEL fan (bring on nude HAVOK, plz!) but I’m sure you will agree that they look completely great.
I don’t know if I’d exactly call them NSFW, but I put the more risque shots of Nightwing, Black Lightning and some other people after the jump, just in case. Beware: there are several spandex-wrapped boners and a partial butt!

Click for the bigger versions!
This is NIGHTWING. You might know him better as ROBIN, from when he was Batman’s sidekick. Now I think the real Batman might be dead or something so Robin/Nightwing is now Batman? Comics are so confusing. But who cares! Look how happy he is to see me!
This is Black Lightning. He is from the tradition of 1970s superheroes who had to have BLACK in their code-name, just so no one got too confused about their race! (See also, Black Panther etc.)
I have no idea who the hell this is but that is one super-gay costume. Oh, wait… all superhero costumes are super-gay.
I don’t know who this is either, so it’s unclear to me whether his actual costume fails to include bottoms or if he’s just taken them off to let his ass breathe.
A few more are over here. The artist is someone named MINDSWEEPER. Via The WOW Report.

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6 Comments on "OMG, they’ve come to life: Sexy Superheroes"

  1. Cosmic Boy made my day XD

  2. Isn’t the guy in the ‘super-gay costume’ the one and only Marco Dapper?

  3. The last guy (the model, not the superhero) was printed in Fred Goudon’s Sunday Morning, a terrific coffe table book, Gilles Marini is in it, too.

  4. Anyone know where to get the original photo of the aquaman guy? he’s hot as hell!! ha ha

  5. The super ultra gay costume belongs to Cosmic Boy from the Legion of Super Heroes. He also had a costume that was just like that but the skin-baring sections were pink. and another that was purple.
    If you want some extra dirty thoughts, look up Ryan Kennedy on imdb. He played Cosmic boy on Smallville.
    Then, picture him in that costume.

  6. The ‘super-gay’ costume belongs to Cosmic Boy, from The Legion Of Super-Heroes and was in use in the 70’s. When most of the Legion were pimped out either as Pornstars, Disco divas or both.

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