!! OMG, Where’s My Limo? !!

Which is worse: San Francisco public transit or New York public transit? Answer: obviously the San Francisco Muni. For one thing, who wants to take a goddamn bus? Also I have never seen a fight anything like this one break out on the subway– although sometimes I have wanted to start one with those people who read the Bible aloud.
Watch these two videos to compare and contrast. Know your public transpo! (Via The Awl and tipster Adam B.)

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2 Comments on "OMG, Where’s My Limo?"

  1. that’s the voice of the mother of nanny fran announcing… hilarious :p

  2. As a daily MTA user in NY, I have to say that’s the most helpful and caring subway announcement I’ve ever heard! Most of us have been left on platforms for up to an hour (or more) because no one told us a damned thing!
    …and the bus… I had to ride the bus at the end of my pregnancy, and EVERY SINGLE DAY something insane happened. I thought of starting a blog just to recount the B26 madness. Fights, full scale church services, tap dancing, heroin use. You name it, it was happening (and often at the same time…)

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