!! OMG, this isn’t a joke! Zeb Atlas ‘sings’ and ‘dances’ !!

Pearly Gates’ video for Stop For Love hit YouTube this week and — to the surprise of anyone who’s even heard of Pearly Gates — featured “the world’s leading gay icon” Zeb Atlas…as the straight male love interest.
Now, Zeb’s returned the guest starring favor by featuring Pearly Gates in his Diana Ross’ remake Love Hangover. Wait, Zeb Atlas has a music career? But in case any of you are already mid-snicker, Pearly Gates has this to say:

“The intention of this project (and Zeb will agree with this) is not to proclaim to the world that he is a singer but to create a product that fans will enjoy visually as well as musically by ensuring that Zeb is aiming to be nothing but himself. So, you queens out there, please refrain from making any bitchy comments and just sit back, chill and enjoy Zeb.”

Noted. And ignored.
(via After Elton)

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8 Comments on "OMG, this isn’t a joke! Zeb Atlas ‘sings’ and ‘dances’"

  1. How is it possible to enjoy anything as disgusting as this person?

  2. WHAT A GORILLA…and the funny thing is ( as usual) the pretty Black woman is the ONLY one with any talent at all here!…..lol

  3. He’s not the first gay porn star to try his hand at a singing career and unfortunately for our ears, he won’t be the last.
    The track itself has that stereotypical early 90s cheesey gay house music sound which needs to be confined to Fire Island (aka Jurassic Park) where it belongs. Simply put, it’s absolutely awful.
    If he was going for camp he certainly achieved it, if he thinks he’s going to be taken seriously, he better stick to taking it up the wazoo because it’s not happening.
    That being said, less is more -he should lay off the steroids, there might actually be an attractive guy under that distorted mess.

  4. Porn acting gogo dancers are not gay icons. Lets raise the bar. Other than that the video is pretty funny.

  5. Holy Crap this is bad. Does he have Elephantiasis in his arms?

  6. Wow. He’s not even that attractive here. He looks like a cartoon character.

  7. Isn’t it amazing how you can idolize someone for one thing and then see them doing something totally different and you’re completely disappointed? I’m not a pessimist by any means, but wow, that was awful. He should stick to porn…definitely.

  8. mmm not going to be in my ipod, but, it was not that bad. I’ve heard worse on some of Britney’s B-sides and she has team of producers and sound mixers that could populate a major stadium. 😉

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