!! OMG, stop callin’: Gaga’s illustrated ‘Telephone’ !!

When Lady Gaga’s Jonas Akerlund-directed Telephone video premiered, the first shock wave was over the Beyonce‘s cameo in the Pussy Wagon. The second was over Gaga’s smoking cigarette sunglasses. And the third was over the duo killing EVERYBODY with poisoned diner food (remind me not to eat there).
But in hindsight, perhaps the most surprising aspect of the video was the lack of any actual telephones (aside from telephone hats and hairpieces, obvi) or storylines relating to the lyrics. Not that I’m complaining. I’m just sayin’.
So, for a more literal interpretation of the song, behold Andrew Kolb’s Telephone illustrations. See the rest of the pages are after the jump.


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4 Comments on "OMG, stop callin’: Gaga’s illustrated ‘Telephone’"

  1. Lack of any actual telephones? ummm…ok. I know I am not the most observant guy but I even knew there were actual telephones in the video. In fact there were six (though 3 were the same phone just 3 different colors in beyonce’s room…lol. That even makes the count 4 if you take that out). In fact the telephone hat only appears briefly once in kitchen of the resteraunt. So I don’t know who the fact checker was in this article but I think they definitely missed the mark on this one. Next time I think they need to be more on the ball if this site is going to be more than just fluffy entertainment. Cant even get facts straight.

  2. doesn’t Gaga start singing while on a phone at the prison? and she pulls the verizon phone out of that ho’s pants in the prison yard.

  3. yes, a lack of “any actual telephones”. except the virgin cellphone she flips open and waves at the camera several times. and the payphone in the prison she talks to beyonce on as the song starts (after her call is loudly announced over the speakers). and the three different coloured ones beyonce sings into on the hotel bed.
    it’s ok to be wrong about a lady gaga video, but it’s probably worth checking it’s not ABSOLUTELY CHOCK FULL OF PHONES before you blog it to a few hundred people. 🙂

  4. Is it worth it to point out that there IS a telephone in the video? Beyonce sings into the prop in the motel room toward the end of the video.

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