!! OMG, three deaf mice: Gisele, Kelly, and Michael !!

I don’t really know why, but odd-trio Gisele Bundchen, Kelly Ripa, and THE COMMISH got together to butcher Kids In America. It might actually sound worse than my mousey non-drunk version of Sheryl Crowe’s “Strong Enough” at our own dear Kevin’s birthday party last night.
Thanks to Doug for the tip.

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2 Comments on "OMG, three deaf mice: Gisele, Kelly, and Michael"

  1. I do love me some Kelly, but I think she should stick to her day job.

  2. Not fair. They’re not tone deaf at all. A little pitchy, granted, but overall not bad. The intro to Kids In America is very strange; kudos to KR for doing a pretty damn good job with landing the first pitches.

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