!! OMG, you can help: Write to Marry Day !!

Tomorrow, October 29 is Write to Marry Day, where all bloggers will come together to voice their opposition to California’s deplorable Proposition 8, which would take away marriage rights from same-sex couples across the state.
To participate, just make a blog post like this one urging California voters to vote NO on Proposition 8 at the polls next Tuesday, and to donate generously to the No on Prop 8 campaign if they are able.

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1 Comment on "OMG, you can help: Write to Marry Day"

  1. Prop. 8 if enacted not only takes rights away from a few Californians…But every Californian.
    The right wing Christian movement if successful in this passage of law wont stop there… Whose rights will they go after next? The muslims right to worship? The Catholics right of equal protection? Whose rights are next to be lost to religious ideolgy?

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