!! OMG, timeline: 100 outfits from 100 years in 100 seconds !!

In 100 seconds, two dancers change into 100 outfits that represent 100 years of fashion. Of course, only until the end when I was all, “OMG, I want that outfit,” did I realize how cuuuuute the male dancer is. I know, I know, a hot male dancer. Typical.
(via Hairpin)

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2 Comments on "OMG, timeline: 100 outfits from 100 years in 100 seconds"

  1. Let’s be honest about it, the girl is much cuter than the guy, I didn’t even notice him.

  2. Not 100 outfits – each time they change outfits they flash back and forth to what they were just wearing and the new one so it looks like more changes than there are.
    By my count (which might be off – it is hard to count because of those flashes back and forth) but there are 33ish changes of wardrobe, which even if you consider that both the guy and girl change clothes that is still only 66 or so outfits not 100.

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