!! OMG, Toto Totally Totes: William Lakin’s ‘Pride’ !!

One of the winners of this year’s AD&D photography award recent Middlesex Uni graduate William Lakin prides himself on taking a good portrait. Lakin took his wee point-n-shoot to the seaside to shoot some proud ladies indeed.
After the jump you can see just who he papped, including;
ladies who lugg
zentai tai-dai
scooter commuter [above] and
Dorothy from The Wizard of ‘COZ-i-wanna-wear-a-tablecloth-pinafore-don’t-judge and her poochie pal Toto-Totally-Totes !

[via hunger]

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  1. That’s Colin from my chorus, we were all dressed as dorothy’s for our float at Brighton Pride. I did not expect to find him on OMG Blog which I follow… religiously.

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