!! OMG, Two winning performances: ‘Vogue’ and ‘Bad Romance’ !!

Do you want to see a high school choir performing an elaborate, highly costumed and choreographed rendition of Vogue on Ms. Oprah Winfrey’s show? Or would you rather see a little boy with both spunk and f*cking awesome Mickey Mouse pajamas singing a low-budget yet highly inspirational version of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, complete with banana-mic?!
Well today is your lucky day! Because, being a benevolent OMG-master, I’m going to show you both! The Vogue performance is above and the Bad Romance performance is after the jump. (Because it’s better.)
[Via Towleroad/Videogum]

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5 Comments on "OMG, Two winning performances: ‘Vogue’ and ‘Bad Romance’"

  1. Was that VOGUE performance supposed to be good??
    The choreogreaphy was not original.. Madonna did that whole Marie Antoinette thing already for an awards show back in the 90’s/ and those soloists were far from good…bordering on BAD.. the girl who sang towards the end from 4 minutes.. she sounded terrible.

  2. At least he’s getting some badly needed excercise.

  3. The three soloists on Vogue sucked (sorry kids, but that’s show biz).

  4. That was great. But definitely Gay Gay Gay! But I love the fact that his parents are right there with him. He’s not self conscious or shy. I hope he stays that way.

  5. I never want to hear someone say that you don’t know your gay at a young age again!

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