!! OMG, His little willy moves: Baby Pirulin Pee Pee !!

Who remembers Baby Wee-Wee, the British doll with a weird, giant, squirting penis? Well he’s back– with a new name and a more Eliza Doolittle-ish jingle!
Am I the only one who thinks the creepy dad in the commercial is secretly sort of hot? I’d let him tickle me till my willy moved!
Also can any of our British readers please tell me what a “Pirulin” is?
[Via Jezebel]

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8 Comments on "OMG, His little willy moves: Baby Pirulin Pee Pee"

  1. Hey Nikik, quit Catholic bashing. Go give your opinion to someone who cares. That “joke” was completely unecessary. I guess you never listened in school and church, that being a jerk is what God says NOT to do. This isn’t even a religious topic, you’re just looking for attention.

  2. pirulin
    (en Chile) Órgano copulador de los infantes masculinos (In Chile) copulatory organ of male infants

  3. Pirulin in México of a Cone-Shaped Lollipop and is also a slang term for penis.

  4. I think it is sick to have a doll with a penis for little girls to play with. That’s the creepy part to me. What next…baby pussy for little straight boys to play with? If we had that, then the boys would be considered perverts but it’s okay for the little girls…right? I don’t think so.

  5. A pirulin is, basically, a large lollipop that is conical in shape, and typically multi-coloured. Looks kinda like a road cone, and, with a stretch of the imagination, a penis. Albeit a long, skinny, pointed penis. Hope that helps!

  6. As an American im a semi-creeped out, but mostly because of USA brain washing. With logic in mind, he dad doesn’t really seem creepy to me… it’s the kids.
    I find the whole idea of a baby doll a bit disturbing, not to mention a peeing one. Do we as humans really need to teach our children to glorify parenthood at such an early age? i know there’s some mimicry going on, but really? I think the whole concept leads to pregnancy before ready, and therefore lends to social poverty. I could go on but i wont, just my opinion.
    A previous commenter did make a good point about an anatomy lesson, but i think that happens organically thanks to the internet and good parenting/sex-ed. sry, i know this isn’t the forum for this topic, so on with my comment…
    That shot of baby boy parts would never fly in America, those nasty faggoty pedos (catholic priests) might get excited.(joke, kinda)
    Yes dad is cute, and the whole commercial is dubbed in english, so i agree, not a product of an English speaking nation.

  7. It’s being produced by a Spanish toy company Famosa,
    pirulin isn’t english so it could be spanish.
    I’m not sure why this toy should be considered that weird by people, I think it’s more an indication that inside us all is a little core of immaturity that considers a peepee something naughty.
    Girls with little brothers will know what a baby boy’s genitals look like, girls without them probably won’t, a doll like this could probably answer any questions that they have.
    The best an action man, for example, could do is to give them the idea that boys and mens private areas consist of pants that they never ever change.
    An element of truth perhaps but not the whole truth, I’m almost certain.

  8. Brit here… Pirilin… Defo not a british word or slang. I think it’s spanish and i defo don’t think this is a british made doll. It’s the creepiest fucking thing i’ve ever seen! 0_o

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