!! OMG, visiting hours are so over!: Visit Furry Creek !!

As you all know ‘The Face of Furry Creek’ is due to air on OUT.TV Canada from June 3rd.
“People say our beautiful precinct is serene”…SERENE? that drop-shoulder top that Liz is wearing is anything BUT serene; all tones of serene-less salmon peach melba tangerine floral failure!
Looking like the weatherman who got fired and that Prozac-munching lady who used to do Breakfast TV until she was caught snorting Lucky Charms cereal hoops, newscasters Mario and Brenda are giving us all kinds of small town reportage from the muggy depths of the Furry Creek.

There is only one question I have on my greasy flaky sock-puppet lips; who will be THE FACE OF FURRY CREEK?…that and also, can I buy that backing tune on Itunes because that ludicrous synthesized horn-blast and xylophone combo is totally giving me the crump-cramps, I just can’t stop twerking to it now!
Visit Furry Creek HERE and stay tuned for further tit-bits and squiggly-pops from the various Faeces of Furry Crack over the next few weeks.

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