!! OMG, Vivienne Westwood & Malcolm McLaren; on BUMFLAPS and HITLER !!

Roger Burton’s vintage clothing website Byronesque has just released previously unseen footage of an interview by Roger with Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren at Burton’s Horse Hospital Punk exhibition in 1993.
HERE, Vivienne discusses her bone-font t-shirts -“rock/f*ck/perv” versions- [i want one that says “Xena Warrior Princess” in dinosaur bones], and basically, every time Malcolm talks, Westwood pipes in with “that’s not true, that’s not true”.
I could listen to Vivienne Westwood speak all blooming day; she has such freedom with words and is not afraid to speak around a subject to describe her insights as they come up:

“…I don’t have to say it in that way but it was like, you know, ‘you’ve tried to put all your hypocrisy under the carpet but we’re going to wear your hypocrisy on our back’.”

[via dazed]

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