!! OMG, Vree your mind: ‘Diana Vreeland, The Eye Has To Travel’ !!

Directed by her grandaughter-in-law Lisa Immordino Vreeland, ‘…The Eye Has To Travel’ [trailer after the jump] follows Diana from the ugly duckling of the family to working as a columnist at Harper’s Bizarre for a quarter of a century, before becoming Editor of American Vogue and later consultant to the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
The film reveals how Vreeland championed less conventionally beautiful women with stand-out features, famously having Barbra Streisand shot in profile to accentuate her Jewish nose at a time when noses were ‘supposed’ to be cute and small.
The film just won first place in the ‘Fashion’ category at the Design Museum’s Design Of The Year Awards in London, and is well worth a gander, purely as it chronicles the life of a woman who famously claimed the bikini to be the most important thing since the atom bomb, and announced the colour pink to be the navy blue of India.
I mean of course!
[via dezeen]

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