!! OMG, Peek-a-boo: Róisín Murphy’s ‘Look Around You’ !!

Róisín Murphy is so illusive, I feel like she lives in a palatial cave in a hidden gem grove some place yonder, and only Viktor & Rolf and a couple of music industry hob-nobbers know how to find her.
Not that I’m complaining or anything, any time she pokes her silky head out we get something worthwhile, even if we don’t actually see her. In February we got to glimpse a video for her slow disco thumper ‘Situation’, where she appeared [I mean I guess that was her] with a kaleidoscopic pulsating recon-deconstructed face, and now she’s pooped out a mixtape collaboration with -2001’s ‘Never Enough’ collaborator- Boris Dlugosch which sounds a-ma-zing and so much blooming fun.

Listen girl, ain’t nobody gonna judge your kaleidoscope head if you just come out and dance for a while, a la ‘Forever More’, oh and if you could just tag another 40 minutes onto your mixtape a give us an album…thanks hon!
[via homorazzi]

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