!! OMG, Warm Pleatherette: James Franco’s ‘Interior. Leather Bar.’ !!

Originally James Franco wanted to remake the 1980s movie ‘Cruising’, alas, when refused the rights, he then looked to Filmmaker Travis Mathews to embark on a project to explore and ‘re-create’ the 40 minutes of deleted -and later destroyed- S&M footage from the original film which was removed to avoid an X-rating; hence the original title ‘James Franco’s 40 Minutes’.

Whilst exploring perceptions -now and then- of GAY SEX on film, the movie also orientates around public perceptions of Franco as filmmaker, star and all-round gay question mark.

“Awesome! Complicated, strange and avant-garde.”
-Gus Van Sant

[a smidge NSFW if you have a prissy boss]

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5 Comments on "OMG, Warm Pleatherette: James Franco’s ‘Interior. Leather Bar.’"

  1. I think Cruising was a filmmaking milestone cause it showed how risky it was to be gay back in the 80s, people were so oppressed they had to adopt these risky behaviors to express themselves, I applaud James Franco for his edginess, the original was grity and disturbing but real

  2. He has hot girl syndrome- a lot of gay guys are probably nice to him and pretend to care about what he’s saying because he is hella hot. This leads him to believ that he’s actually intelligent, and has valid opinions, so he. keeps. talking.
    Just stand there and look pretty James, that’s all anyone wants you to do.

  3. Well OS”Guy its cus he is a crazy egocentric douchebag and he is most of the time on weed thats your answer 😉

  4. When is Franco going to come out of the closet?

  5. As an openly gay man, married with child, Franco has lost me. Why is this man so obsessed with gay sex? And rather then delve back some thirty years to a gay sex scene deleted from a low-grade movie (it was a huge failure at the box office and has never reached cult status) why doesn’t he use his talents to help the gay community if he is so passionate about gay culture instead of hindering it in such a manner? I pretty much ignore anything he does anymore.

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