!! OMG, what a douche: Joel Madden !!

Good Charlotte frontman/Nicole Richie’s boyfriend Joel Madden has decided he wants to pretend to be a DJ since pretending to be hardcore is no longer enough for his fans. You all know I don’t have it in me to be super-mean, so I’ll just leave it to the folks at Splash News:

Not content with just ruining regular music with his brand of wussy whiny emo faux rock, Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden took to the ones and twos at The Village Pourhouse in New York City. Did the regular DJ die?

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4 Comments on "OMG, what a douche: Joel Madden"

  1. Joel Madden is Nicole Richie’s husband, not boyfriend. They are married since 2011 and have 2 kids.

  2. I guess I am uncool since I like some of their songs, even though I think that tats are trashy and his are over done. (think bumper stickers that hard as hell to get off).

  3. Ugh, I think there’s a larger issue here: Every fucking promoter thinks that being in a band automatically means an artist will make for a good DJ. Joel Madden is just being smart and noticing a good moneymaking opportunity when he sees one.
    p.s. I saw Good Charolette open for Justin Timberlake the other night and they’re pretty inoffensive. They’re not at all hardcore, more emo/arena rock.

  4. Good Charlotte are critical laughing stocks despite the fact that they sell records

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