!! OMG, what a douche: K-Fed !!

I know we all knew K-Fed was a douche, but did we know he was a racist dick-bag as well? His new song, Grape Juice, makes fun of Barack Obama with lyrics such as the following:

We the afro government, it’s the nubian regime. Drinking 40s, smoking weed, and eating collard greens. Showing up to a press conference 40 minutes late. Middle fingers in the air, why you honkies didn’t wait?

Hear the whole crappy track after the jump.
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8 Comments on "OMG, what a douche: K-Fed"

  1. As much as I dislike the guy, I read that this is not him, and I’d hate to see anyone get slammed so badly for being so offensive if they’re not associated with this mess in any way. It’s a parody made by KROQ, direct all anger there.

  2. He managed to rip off so much from britney. That’s probably funding his pitiful career with her money.

  3. No; he’s not from Alabama. He’s from Fresno, California. Close though. . .

  4. A racist wigger, how cute! You suck Kevin.

  5. he is like a hot and cottagey bird turd. he needs to go away.

  6. I wouldn’t give to much credence to this at all… he’ll try anything to get attention and designate himself an “artist”. nothin more then shock for shock sake. that 15 mins has been up for a long time. we simply need to let the battery be noted as having run out of juice.
    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  7. I’m sure if it were some pretty gay boi singing against ultra right wing bible thumpers everyone would be giving him medals…
    It’s an opinion – this is America, where it’s still not a crime to have one!

  8. Well what do you expect?? He’s a redneck pig…look who he married…where he is from…the way he acts…if I were to meet him on the street the first thought I would have would be..hhmmm Alabama!
    The sad thing is that in his mind he actually thinks he’s famous, and that he has enough of a following to earn a living from trying to do rap music which by the way originated with the black culture which he seems to disparage!
    Dumb fuk!

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