!! OMG, what a prude: Breck Orshal !!

In this video, male model Breck Orshal talks about the thrills and challenges of the modeling industry, along with what it was like to pose for Playgirl. At the time this video was made, he claimed he had “never done anything like that before,” but porn connoisseurs might notice a striking similarity between Breck and CorbinFisher.com’s model “Gabe,” who has already filmed two hardcore gay videos.
If Breck were interviewed on video today, he could at least maintain that his girlhood is still intact as he has only been on top of the buttsex equation thus far, but you never can tell where the crazy “modeling” industry might take him next!

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5 Comments on "OMG, what a prude: Breck Orshal"

  1. Sheesh what is with trashin this guy? “prude”, “lame”, etc.? Let’s see, he’s from a conservative family and town. He’s trying to make it in modeling, a field where he’s a dime a dozen. He’s done adult video either because he at least didn’t mind it, and/or needed the money a lot. However, since that fact is not going to be good for getting hired for traditional model jobs he didn’t say, ‘yeah hell i’ve fucked guys on camera – check out this site!’ All articles like this can do is make the next guy less likely to show off his body and ‘talents’ for fear he’ll be exposed. I’d like to think people who see my online videos wouldn’t out me to the few people in the world who I expected would never see them or hear about them because they’d never be looking at that kind of content.
    As far as gay for pay being lame, I disagree. Some gay for pay porn is lame, as is plenty that isn’t gay only for pay. It provides an opportunity to see these straight guys naked, jacking off, and sometimes more that I’d never see otherwise. I’ve seen some guys say they even get off on the nervousness etc of such performers. I’ve enjoyed some g4p content, including some of those old infamous military videos, and will again. Its not as hot as watching gay guys who are into it having sex, but because of how porn is usually shot even when the guys are into it that doesn’t guarantee it’ll come across well. Plus, gay for pay stuff often focuses more on showing the guy’s body, which I enjoy seeing clearly, instead of ten minutes a go of close-ups of holes and robotic thrusting.

  2. I think he’s done way more than two videos for Corbin Fisher… But who cares? Gay for Pay is so lame.

  3. well when those phots in playgirl comes out look for the tat. however i notice the small mode on his face.
    just another str8 asshole using the gay community

  4. The little Cindy Crawford-esque mole above his lip on the right is a dead giveaway. That is definitely “Gabe”.

  5. that is some funny shit!! i have seen his gay movies and yep for sure and without a doubt that’s “gabe” hahahahaha, dumbfucker really thinks that he would not be found out?? some people are just born dumber then others.

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