!! OMG, What Yokels: Sarah Palin Fans !!

The true meaning of Thanksgiving.

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7 Comments on "OMG, What Yokels: Sarah Palin Fans"

  1. make sure to watch the whole video that I have posted. Don’t be like every other liberal that I have encountered and walk away before all of the points have been made.

  2. Apparently you have never seen the geniuses on http://www.howobamagotelected.com
    We are stuck with Barry and his wench and you make fun of these folks? Puuhhhlease!

  3. we have to inform this ppl more because they are the herd, and if there is and stampide we are all screw because they won’t understand the problems as we see here, they have heard thru others.
    very dangerous
    I don’t like Martha Stewart but i think she is right,lets stop sarah palin

  4. These people might sound stupid, actually these people might really be stupid. Regardless, they are being totally dishonest in not telling the media the REAL reason that they are such strong Palin supporters – they are supporting her because she isn’t a black man – plain and simple. They just can’t go on camera making such a bigoted statement (you should hear what they say to each other when the cameras aren’t rolling). So to avoid being honest they stutter and stammer and are simply satisfied to sound stupid rather than be upfront about their hate and prejudice.

  5. Let’s spend less on education, these people seem way too smart! More money to church groups and Fox News, please.

  6. I feel sick. Those people are standing in a LINE to get someone they love to sign a piece of garbage, and half of them don’t even know why. Ambassador to Russia? I live next door to a guy that’s in a band, but that doesn’t mean I can play guitar.

  7. EEFFFF ME this is frightening. These ARE Americans unfortunately, the FOLLOWERS who ask no questions and do what they are told and vote how they are told to vote. They have NO IDEA why they think the way they do, they have no basis for their negative beliefs against the rest of us, they just know they should be that way and Amen. The country WILL collapse in their hands.

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