!! OMG, He’s Blurry: Adam Lambert !!

Lordy lordy! We can’t show anything gay on TV! Someone blur that Adam Lambert’s face out!
Adam Lambert, having already been banned by Good Morning America for his mildly racy performance on the American Music Awards, was forced to appear on CBS’s perpetually third-string Early Show instead– only to have his performance blurred out on the replay. The indignity!
Srsly, I was not that into Adam on American Idol, but he is quickly becoming my total hero.
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16 Comments on "OMG, He’s Blurry: Adam Lambert"

  1. OH NO, ITS GODGAYZILLA! | December 1, 2009 at 1:54 am | Reply

    Gay people are polluting our children!
    They have ruined MY marriage, and my family.
    Damn them to hell and their having all the fun in the world laughing at us straight people in their closets as they have unlimited sex and drugs and rock and roll…
    no sir, I will stay in church with my chastity belt and singin’ hymns!
    Really guys?
    You can almost see the news anchor about to barf on her fake Gucci shoes!
    I am gay, I am not like Adam Lambert… nor will I ever be.
    I am one of those, leave me the fuck alone and I will ignore you like the shit fuck you are, kind of guys.
    To me:
    -Overtly ostentatious gay pride, is pointless.
    -Gay marriage, on a religious level, is pointless.
    – Sara Palin’s new book, is pointless.
    -But being a glam-queen on live television, infesting the minds of our hetero sexual, short skirt wearing, dick sucking for drugs doing, fake id using preteens? Priceless.
    Go America!

  2. This no-talent hack is nothing but a disgrace to humanity, not only the gay ‘community’ (if there is one.)
    Can’t wait til his 15 mins are OVER!

  3. i love how she tries to bring in “the children”. i mean adam, we all KNOW you’re gay, but think about the poor children!

  4. There a quite a few good points already made here – Certainly, I agree 100% there is a double-standard when it comes to a gay male vs. females (I mean, really! As someone pointed out, they didn’t blur the Madonna/Brit kiss?!). I don’t really see the ‘broadcast’ TV vs. Cable issue…What difference does that make? It was late at night and I’ve seen much worse than that on TV (concerning nudity and sex) earlier than 11:00!
    And, though I try not to be a prude, I tend to think most vidoes go too far, generally speaking. But, then again, I grew up ‘back in the day’ when the sexiest video was Olivia Newton-John’s special that showed all the hunks working out to ‘Physical’. I thought that was VERY sexy without being overdone.
    And, though I don’t have any particular feelings towards Adam per se, but I do think he handled that interview EXTREMELY well. He was professional, honest and sincere. I also agree the interviewer certainly seemed like a homophobe but I liked how Adam ‘turned the table’ on her by playing ‘devil’s advocate’.

  5. Can we move on so that eventually this Lambert fellow will just fade away???

  6. Talk about poise and courage under fire! I love that he didn’t back down and that his responses were unambiguoust. “I am not a babysitter. I am an entertainer.”

  7. The reason it was blurred was the way he kissed the other guy. It was like he was going to eat him or something. Madonna and Britney’s was a simple little lip lock. When compared, the Madonna and Britney thing was pretty tame by comparison. But I wish Adam would get off the kick now stating it was all cause he is gay. Which is far from it. We all knew he was gay when he started Idol. The media knew he was gay when he started Idol. He was just like Gaykin, but at least Adam had the balls to say he was gay instead of lie about it for years. Anyway, he needs to realize that when your going to perform on a show that is known to have a large viewing audience on regular television. With many being kids that he made into fans on Idol. Whom he didn’t think of when he did what he did. He needs to take into account for everyone that is going to see it. There are standards that are in place that you can not cross. It’s there to protect everyone. He crossed them. That’s why there is an uproar. And he doesn’t have the star power that Madonna has now. Which is why with him saying there is a double standard doesn’t work. He is nothing in this business. He is a cookie out of millions who got lucky. And if he continues the way he is going. It just might ruin his chance at a career. He doesn’t need to do the shock value yet. He needs to get people to truly like his music and his style. Cause right now He has turned off many people that thought he should have won Idol. The glam and gay crowd can only take him so far!

  8. “So do you really think there’s a double standard?”
    “Well I don’t think anyone was upset that you kissed a man…”
    After proving both points by blurring him kissing the dude and not blurring the girl-girl-girl kissing.

  9. I just want to say that I fucking hate Adam Gaybert but I think that the complete homophobia by not only the network, but the woman interviewing him is disgusting. Someone should blur her face. And I agree with Daz. How completely hypocritical of them to show her kiss and not his.
    I smell a protest…

  10. funny that this segment is called “straight talk”

  11. I think he’s a whiner and a tool. A week ago he didn’t even want to talk about gay rights because he didn’t want to be perceived as too gay. Now he wants to be the poster boy for anti-gay discrimination. Please.
    He simulated sex and flipped off the camera on broadcast TV. That’s never been acceptable. Not even for straight performers. What did he expect?
    Most people seem to be forgetting how much flack Britney/Madonna/Christina took for that lesbian kiss — which aired on cable, not broadcast TV. It was every bit as controversial as Lambert’s VMA performance at the time. And it marked the beginning of the end for those involved. Christina became a non-entity soon after that, and Britney became the queen of the tabloid trash heap. It cemented Spears’ reputation as an untalented publicity whore.
    I thought his VMA performance sounded terrible, and the song was forgettable crap. What’s more important to Lambert? The hair and the makeup and the “shocking” choreography? Or the music?

  12. What a stupid backward country you live in.
    In Australia they had a gay kiss on a prime time soap!
    And a network news anchor is openly gay. Actually there is at least 2! Anton Enus on SBS World News Australia and Peter Hitchener on Nine News Melbourne!

  13. This is disgusting. They blur out Adam’s kiss but show Madonna and Britney’s. What a double standard. America is too uptight. I love how she says people weren’t bothered by the fact that he is gay, yet they STILL blur out his kiss. *smacks forehead* How can people be so stupid…

  14. How can they have the audacity to blur out Adam’s kiss and then a few seconds later show madonna and britney’s??? That’s disgusting. GO ADAM

  15. I really am not a prude, but simulating a blow job on prime time TV is not something that offends me but isn’t done on American TV. Cable is a different thing. Though I have no idea why they would blur him.

  16. you accidentally reposted behind the scenes for Videophone.

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