!! OMG, who cares if he can actually dance? William Levy joins DWTS !!

There’s really only one reason to watch the forthcoming season of ABC’s D-list wonder, Dancing With The Stars and his name is William Levy. The well-muscled model and telenovela actor is probably best known as the guy who came between Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. But whatever your feelings on that hot-mess train, at least we can all agree that we’ll be tuning in for Levy’s shirtless numbers — and tuning out when Urkel takes the stage.
(via WOW Report)

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3 Comments on "OMG, who cares if he can actually dance? William Levy joins DWTS"

  1. check out thesword for the nude shots of him
    now i def will need to check out that train wreck of a show

  2. That pic ain’t nothing. Just Google “William Levy”, “underwear” and “swimsuit” and you’ll know what I mean.

  3. you may be very surprised at what urkel has on under all those clothes. i couldn’t find any pictures but at one time he was seriously buff, and if he was before, dwts will get him back in condition.

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