!! OMG, Why you so obsessed with BEANS ?: Bankrupt By Beanies !!

Apart from a free MacDonalds Orca Whale Teenie Baby that my husband found in a muddy puddle once, that I’ve since made into a seashore corsage, my Beanie Baby obsession ends right there…unless they made a rare Charmed sister trio collection from ribbed velveteen, in which case I would definitely be a little obsessed about those little ladies.
For Chris Robinson’s dad, he just cuddle help himself and he bought $100’000 worth of bean-filled ‘babies’, bankrupting the family and causing a world shortage of beans [not really].
You can watch the feature length doc Chris directed about his family’s beany-bankruptcy over at DAZED as well as a quick Q&A where Chris discusses recruiting other peoples children to buy Beanies for the family, Beanie Baby road-trippin’, and Beanie fueled bonfires.

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