!! OMG, YASS: Ultimate Gay Fighter worlds first gay video game !!

For the record, I’ve never actually seen a gay fist fight in my life. Maybe I’m just from Canada, but normally the gays fight with their words and not their hands, so this is a total farce:
Ultimate Gay Fighter is a new Street Fighter-esque video game that will launch in January 2014, and will allow you to call out that shady club queen that’s been taking your drink tickets once and for ALL!
Now I’m sure some killjoys are gonna take this game to task in terms of stereotypes, but we think it’s hilarious, and if anyone has a sense of humour about themselves — it’s the gay community! We are living for THE NAMES! The character names are so good (we’ve all met a “Timmy Spears” once in our time) and that trailer narrator’s DSLisp is really hot and totally working for me.
Check out the trailer for the new Android and iPhone game below. Which character are you looking forward to playing as?

ultimate gay fighter1.jpg
[via Instinct]

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3 Comments on "OMG, YASS: Ultimate Gay Fighter worlds first gay video game"

  1. Thanks for the tip, Eko!

  2. This looks hilarious, and I agree with JohnG, the scissors thing cracked me up. This will be a must buy, just for the laughs if nothing else. Anyone interested in gay games should also check out “Coming Out On Top”, which is a gay dating game being developed by Obscura Soft. I’ve played the demo and it’s looking pretty good, professionally done artwork and a detailed interaction system. It’s meant to launch in December so if you act quickly you may still be able to get in on the pre-order list and get a little savings off the price. I’m not affiliated in any way with this project, I’ve just seen it and just thought I’d give a heads up to anyone interested.

  3. i was ready to hate but this does look hilarious.
    Love the lesbian that turns into scissors.

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