!! OMG, You Be the Judge: Audio Playground’s (A Little) Respect !!

Well, well, well! A musical group by the name of “Audio Playground” has recorded a “ballad” version of Erasure’s classic 1980s anthem, A Little Respect. Hey, if Lindsay Lohan can cover Stevie Nicks I guess everything’s fair game, right? For comparison, I’ve posted a couple clips of Erasure performing their original after the jump. Read on for the queerpunk genius of Mr. Andy Bell!

No matter what your musical taste, I think we must give “A Little Respect” to a homo visionary performing in red pumps and a silver leotard. Work!

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9 Comments on "OMG, You Be the Judge: Audio Playground’s (A Little) Respect"

  1. They turned an AWESOMELY bad song into a pathetically bad song.

  2. Okay the video sucks pondwater bigtime, I grant you that. But am I a bad person for kinda liking the song? Well, okay, maybe not a *bad* person, but perhaps a person that ought to be shunned by friends and family and be forced to sleep in his car with a stray cat and bag lady nicknamed “Queen Boober”…

  3. I agree with the person who wrote “poop”. They took all the emotion and meaning out of the song and turned it into wet-toast. plus that little guy is over-acting so badly that you just want to push him off of his stool….instead of push in his stool HA HA THANK YOU LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, I”M OUTA HERE!

  4. Dont you get tired of writing omg..haha

  5. This guy is gayier than Andy Bell has ever been. Have to agree with the earlier post about this video being way over the top to try to make a boring version of this song seem heartbreaking emotional – sorry, the original was better and less produced.

  6. Normally I’m really into pocket gays, and Persiany looking guys, and this guy is both! But he totally lost me at soul patch.

  7. Uh, so, the song isn’t BAD…per se…but it’s not exactly interesting. And the video is really, really dumb. He’s clutching his heart! He feels! We know he feels because he touches his heart!

  8. Bah. erasure didn’t have to autotune to make a great song. plus, wtf is up with that “video”- way to render any small amount of emotion you may have generated completely inert. poop.

  9. I made it 57 seconds in before bailing. There’s nothing wrong in theory with balladizing the song, although I think the good people at the Muzak Corporation already took care of it. But, if one is going to release a recording one should take extra special care to hit all of the actual notes correctly.
    The lead “singer” is cute, but he and everyone else who wears one of those horribly played out soul patches should be subject to forcible electrolysis of the offending area. If we just shaved them they could easily re-offend. Permanent removal is the only way to protect our children from growing up to think it’s an acceptable look.

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