!! OMG, The Westboro Baptist Church Hates Lady Gaga !!

I’ve had a major soft spot for the fabulous daughters of the Westboro Baptist Church ever since I saw Louis Theroux’s great Most Hated Family in America documentary, and now I love them even more! There’s sometimes a very fine line between homophobia and camp, and the entire Phelps family has been right on the edge. (I’ve always thought of mom Shirley Phelps as the Liza Minelli of hate speech.) Anyway, this time I think the Phelps daughters have passed the point of no return by recording a Lady Gaga parody song, cleverly entitled Whorish Face. You can tell they’re having the time of their culty lives!
The song could use better production, but with a little remixing, I think these girls have a club hit on their hands. Watch out Kim Zolciak– there’s a new novelty song in town!
(For those curious to know more about the Phelps girls, the first part of Louis Theroux’s documentary about the family is after the jump. I highly recommend you watch the whole thing!)

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5 Comments on "OMG, The Westboro Baptist Church Hates Lady Gaga"

  1. I’m starting to think that these people are just kidding around… like it’s some big performance art project that has stretched on for years! I bet they are all atheists!

  2. FUCK YOU.
    if anyone is going to hell its you and your rediculous cult.

  3. “You pissed off God, you’ll see what he’s got.”
    Please! Can we see? FINALLY?
    Can “god hates you” be the password to get into the secret gay speakeasy?

  4. Ahaha. The catchiest line in here is “God hates you.” I can’t decide if that’s terrible/fabulous.

  5. They are the best/worst thing ever!
    “god hates you”

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