!! OMG, you need: Shawl cardigan !!

The style know-it-alls at Refinery 29 have released their must-have items for Fall 2008, and while I appreciate them all, I most agree that every man needs a nice shawl-collar cardigan in his wardrobe. I love the Nom de Guerre one above center.
Click over to Refinery for purchasing info and to see what they have to say about tailored plaids and sharp leather jackets.

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4 Comments on "OMG, you need: Shawl cardigan"

  1. I tried one on at H&M yesterday, and it looked very dated. Whatever the guy version of ‘matronly’ is, is what it looked like! Grandpa city!

  2. Wait until the Politically Correct Black Gay Wannabe Alt Rocker boys of Washington DC here about this! The Georgetown location’s sales will DROP!!

  3. I don’t know if I agree with their choices; but the thing about shawl collar cardigans is that if you’re not skinny with a long neck, it’s really difficult to pull off the modern look.

  4. Weird, I went to college with the guy on the right.

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