!! OMG, gays beware of Urban Outfitters !!

The article is from a month ago, but it was just brought to my attention that the Chairman of Urban Outfitters is also a big Republican donor, specifically a benefactor of ex-Pennsylvania Senator (and vicious anti-gay attack dog) Rick Santorum.
Yes, this is the same Urban Outfitters where many young gays buy their first ironic t-shirts and skinny jeans.
So do Chairman Dick Hayne’s political views make him a cynical asshole all-too-ready to profit from the population that he degrades with his dollars? All signs point to yes.

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14 Comments on "OMG, gays beware of Urban Outfitters"

  1. Oooooo, I’m gay so I have to hate everything that isn’t socialist democrat crap…GET OVER IT! If gay guys had any REAL balls, they’d all vote conservative.

  2. I support gay rights, and I don’t favor a lot of the things that the Republican Party stands for and they’ve perverted the term “conservative” lately. But I do consider myself a Conservative, and sometimes vote Republican, because I know that socialism doesn’t work and I think free market capitalism does.
    I don’t like Bush, or Santorum, but I am a Republican. You shouldn’t judge a party or 50% of the people in this country because of the way 15% hate. I’m sure if you knew the hearts of a lot of the Democratic Senators like Byrd you’d find some gay hate in there too. Hell, their leader in the Senate is a MORMON! hahaha. Real tolerant. Anyway,
    Enjoy the blog… keep up the good work.

  3. Hey, “Bub:” Why don’t you start your own “boring gay” civic organization and enter your own fucking float in your local Pride Parade if you don’t like the way you’re being represented.
    Until then, STFU and show those queens and dykes some respect for doing the work for you.
    (P.S. I think Domino’s has since been sold, but the founder was indeed a hater. What self-respecting pizza eater would order from them anyway?)

  4. “I’m a conservative. I believe in small limited government. I believe in low taxes.”
    Which would be fine and dandy if that was actually what conservatives stood for.

  5. If you ARE a conservative Republican gay, GO, go go to Urban Outfitters, or Manhunt or Curves.. they’re waiting for your dollars. There’s a place for you in consumerism- you can relax that you’re helping the phobes.
    If you are NOT self-hating and care about where your money goes, think before you spend. It’s great to be made more aware of corporate donations to help us realize where our $ goes.

  6. hey Bub, join the 21st century.. Sen. Santorum was defeated by Bob Casey Jr.. TWO YEARS AGO! .. and on a similar subject, Domino’s pizza is owned by a Catholic Gay Hater.. so gays might want to give their business to Pizza Hut.. so our money isn’t directed into organizations set up to punish us.

  7. Thanks for the information, Frank. I’ve never actually been into one of their stores, but I have seen how popular they are among the Hipster Crowd…
    One more point… You can be sit at home with a beer and your dog and be boring all you want, Republicans and conservatives in office right now still think you are as disgusting as the mostly-nude men on Pride floats. Don’t ever forget that.

  8. AND they made those “voting is for old people tee-shirts” a few years ago…not to mention god knows what kinds of hellish working conditions those child laborers in china have to go through. American Apparel anyone?

  9. Hey Bub, I guess you don’t mind paying the same taxes as straight people but not having the same rights. How self loathing can you be. I don’t know about you but I do not enjoy being considered a second class citizen. And you want to give Santorum a break. Your kidding right? It seems as long as you have your laptop, dog, and beer could give a shit about gay rights. Thank god all gay people don’t feel the way you do or you wouldn’t have the luxury to lay around with your computer checking out websites with naked guys on them. As for the “freaks” your talking about at the Pride festivals. The last one I went to did have it’s share of flamboyant people, but there were also lot’s of gay doctors, lawyers, police officers, firemen, and parents, who unlike you all had something in common. They were proud to be who they are.

  10. // Secondly, while I do not agree with Sen. Santorum’s views acrosss the board, he has obviously pleased enough people that continue to reelect him. //
    Not so much… he was voted out and left office over a year and a half ago. So I guess he didn’t please the people enough.
    Also have you been to a Pride parade lately? Plenty of, as you say, “boring gay” groups represented.

  11. Yes and one of the founders of Manhunt gave McCain money. Big whoop. First of all, gay does not necessarily mean democrat and I have the voter registration card to prove it. Secondly, while I do not agree with Sen. Santorum’s views acrosss the board, he has obviously pleased enough people that continue to reelect him. Also give the guy a bit of break – look how easy we make it for him to call us freaks and sinners by the displays we make at our “Pride” festivals every summer. We’re just perpertuating such stereotypes. How about adding a float with the boring gay? Sitting there with his laptop in front, his dog lying at his feet, and a beer in his hand. Not much to make fun of there.

  12. Whats wrong with being conservative? I’m a conservative. I believe in small limited government. I believe in low taxes. I tend to vote independent though because of the extreme christian nature of republicans. Anyways.. I’m just trying to say not all gay people are for big government and hillary-care.

  13. face these jerks don’t mind taking our money, just as long it not during election time. As for as they know only str8 kids shop at their stores.

  14. OMG – Good to know – I shall refrain from shopping there. It’s all turned into hipster wannabe bullshit anyway.

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